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Outpatient treatment programs are designed for persons in active chemical dependency and compulsive gambling. The best candidates for these programs are persons who are employed, live with a family and demonstrate a history of medical stability. The ability to abstain from using/gambling for at least two weeks is another important factor.

Candidates for Outpatient Treatment Programs are carefully screened through an Assessment Interview, and an individualized treatment program is then recommended. All services are coordinated by our staff of certified addiction counselors, psychologists, nurses, chaplains and physicians.

Because an addiction has far-reaching effects on family members, friends and co-workers, the IIAR has developed programs to assist these individuals to deal with the effects of someone else's addiction. These education, counseling and training programs help create the network of support and understanding that is so important to complete recovery for the whole family.

Alcohol, drug and gambling addiction are progressive diseases. In most people, addictions begin slowly and grow until the victim's life becomes progressively unmanageable. As repeated efforts to gain control over the addiction fail, life for the chemical dependent or compulsive gambler begins to fall apart.

Alcoholism, drug abuse and compulsive gambling can shatter lives. Consequences of these addictions are often reflected in the individual's family life, health, spiritual happiness, social life, school or work relationships and legal matters. In spite of these problems, the addicted person continues to use alcohol and other drugs and/or gamble. Repeated efforts to quit or cut down invariably collapse in failure.

Chemical dependents and compulsive gamblers can stop using or gambling -- for a while. But most need professional help to stop for life. The individual who quits without professional help is usually overcome by an unbearable desire to resume alcohol or drug use and/or gambling.

Some people can receive help without the interruption of Inpatient Treatment. They are able to enter recovery through the help of an Outpatient Rehabilitation Program. This type of program does not require individuals to take time off from work, leave their families or enter a hospital as an inpatient.

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