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How do Interventions work?

1. The groups
  • Contact a group of friends, family, co-workers or other important people in the alcoholic-addict's life that are willing to participate.
  • Ask that they prepare a written, non-accusatory statement that includes the worth of the addict or alcoholic including the good traits and characteristics they display when theyíre not drinking or using, their factual observations of how he has behaved -and frequently misbehaved- due to alcohol or drugs and because they deeply care for the individual they want nothing more than for him to accept the help that has become available to him.
  • It is a good idea for the group to assemble at least one time to rehearse their statements and edit them to eliminate any content that may become too repetitive or confrontational.
2. Other Preparations
  • Locate an affordable licensed detoxification center with an available bed.
  • Discuss the payment of the detox fees with the groupís participants.
  • If at all possible, have someone pack a suitcase of clothes and personal items for about 7-days. If necessary, you may have to purchase the clothes and other items, because if the intervention is successful you must seize the moment.
3. The Intervention
  • Some believe that the use of deception to lure the subject of the intervention to the site where it is to take place may set a bad beginning tone; after all no one likes to be deceived. However, the simple truth is, if he knows whatís in store he will never, ever show up. So, what you must do is trick him into coming to a pre-determined place at a pre-determined time where the group has assembled and is waiting. This may seem like an ambush (only because it is), but it is the only way.
  • When your loved-one with the problem arrives, he will more than likely be very surprised to see everyone. Assure him that you are all there out of concern and ask him only to hear you out with an open mind, thatís all you ask.
  • Remember the goal is to convince him to enter a detox facility. If he has been convinced, time is of the essence, you must seize the moment. Tell him there is a place where he can go and get help, but he must go immediately. Two or three of the most persuasive participants should drive him and his suitcase directly to the pre-determined detox center that is prepared for his arrival.
  • Should he instead persist in his state of denial itís time for some tough love. Inform him as a group that you all still love and care for him regardless of his decision, but that none of you can continue to actively participate in the insanity of his addiction on any level, that itís time to part ways and he's basically on his own at this time.
"The sad but simple truth is that as long as someone is willing to continue to bail out an active alcoholic or addict from the wreckage that he has created for himself, the addict or alcoholic is almost always willing to continue destroying his own life and the lives of those that care."

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